Rafting in Hakkuba vally

We run diffirent activities in EX Advanture Group.

We are running thrilling, adventurous and exciting rafting trip in HIME GAWA  River. Which is located in beautifull HAKKUBA vally. When we are Rafting  in river we can see very beatuifull scenery of Hakkuba Mountains and the river is sarrounded by beautifull nature. The river is also have lots of exciting rappids. great for beginner and repeater as well. Every time you go on the river you will get lots of fun with different activities. There are playing area where you can swimm and jump in the river .To avoid nowadays hot waether and request of customer  we are running canyoning also. where we hike up little in the mountain and play and go down in the canyon .we absel down, zepplin like tarzen, swim, slide and jump in the water falls.As we are EX Adventure Group we run athletic progrme also where we run activities above the ground where we do bungy jump, zepplin, walk in adventure bridge between trees, roller coaster and for school student we share team building programe where student can learn how to solve problems by working in team.we  have foriginer instructors also so we won`t have language barrier and all staff are very friendly and joy full helpfull .Fell free to contact us. Phone NO.0261-72-7860 E-mail rafting@pahakuba.com

Picture time on the way of rafting

Jumping in the river

Bungy jump

Roller coster

Paddling time